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Canine Ambassador

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Our most loyal friends, furry family members, are more than welcome at Fairmont Quasar Istanbul. We indeed adopted an adorable puppy from a local animal shelter. Our puppy, Gofret, coming to work with his mom, acts as the hotel’s Canine Ambassador. Loves to play games and chase his human friends, this 5 year old has a soft spot for his special and yummy dry food. You may recognize Gofret embracing guests in the hotel lobby.


As a pet-friendly hotel, we provide amenities such as pet bowls and comfortable cushion beds which will make your pet feel cozy.



Our support for animals

In order to show our support for animals, we have collaborated with Haytap, Turkish animal rights federation, providing every 25 EUR of pet fees per day to feed stray animals in forests. Guide and service dogs are exempt from this fee.

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