Topkapi Palace Museum


Among all the must see places in Istanbul, Topkapi Palace Museum is one of the biggest with its grounds covering an area of nearly 350,000 m². The palace has served as the residence of Ottoman Empire’s sultans for almost 400 years and features rare Islamic art, majestic courtyards and a breathtaking amount of gold and jewels, including the 86 carat pear-shaped Spoonmaker’s Diamond. With its historic buildings, harem, collections and vast archive, it is one of the largest museum-palaces in the world.


Travel Times: 14 KM – 55 Min by Private Transportation

Recommended Visit Hours: Closed on Tuesdays, Monday morning will offer you the shortest queues in getting the palace museum. Try to avoid going on Fridays as there will be lots of tourists coming to the palace since the mosques will be unavailable due to prayers.

Recommended Span of Visit: We recommend assigning at least 2 – 4 Hours for the entire palace including waiting times.

Tips and Things to Know Before You Visit: There are many combo ticket options as well as guided tours that both help you skip the lines and see otherwise inaccessible harem sections, it might worth a look for those who are travelling with a tight schedule. The operation hours and queue times are dependent on the season.