Ortakoy Mosque


Situated on the waterside of the Ortakoy pier square, Ortakoy Mosque stands as an elegant example of Ottoman Baroque style architecture. The mosque lies on the edge of the Bosphorus, occupying a privileged position allowing remarkable visuals both for visitors on shore and for those passing by the strait. Make sure to enjoy a walk through the neighborhood full of cafes and art galleries after your visit and enjoy ‘’kumpir’’ in the lively streets, all the while making sure of buying souvenirs on your way out.


Travel Times: 04 KM – 15 Min by Private Transportation

Recommended Visit Hours: Try to avoid visiting at prayer hours, especially at noon praying on a Friday. Sunrise and Sunset will produce the best scenery when visiting, but if you are visiting the area in general, enjoy the streets before catching the sunset in the pier square.

Recommended Span of Visit: 1 Hours – 2 Hours Depending on availability.

Tips and Things to Know Before You Visit: Women needs to be wearing headscarves when entering the mosque, make sure to pack one for your visit. It is also important to note that both men and women must be wearing full-length skirts, dresses, or pants, as well as long sleeves. Visitors also must remove their shoes before entering.