For fresh air and a close-up view of the Bosphorus, take a short taxi ride to the Istanbul seafront. With parks, coffee shops, historical neighborhoods, and food stands along the way, take your time and enjoy the sights. With the shores lined with beautiful scenery, the best way to experience the Bosphorus, however, is through the coastal boats, where you can view both European and Asian shorelines that are decorated with 620 waterfront houses (yalı), palaces, ruins, and gardens, as well as the Maiden’s Tower, located on a small island. It is possible to find both public and private ferries including luxury yacht rentals, as well as Bosphorus tourist rides and catamaran sea buses.


Recommended Visit Hours: 18:00 – 21:00, Experience the sunset, and make sure to see the coastal line when it is dark.

Recommended Span of Visit: 1 Hours – 2 Hours depending on availability.

Tips and Things to Know Before You Visit: Tickets for luxury tours tend to sell fast, try to book yours ahead of time. It might get chilly during your coastal tour, make sure to pack a sweater or a jacket with you on the trip. Some tours are more crowded/private and some will offer guides, make sure you pick the correct one for your needs (Ask concierge for assistance).