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Sea Life Istanbul

As one of the most interesting locations to visit Sea Life Istanbul attracts visitors of all ages thanks to a variety of fascinating sea animals and observation places. It is the world’s fifth largest aquarium which is also a part of the Sea Life franchise, which is among the reasons that this aquarium has been a favorite for everyone. With its journey route, thematization, interaction, rainforest, and cutting-edge technology guests follow a geographical path ranging from Black Sea to the Pacific, passing through 17 themes and one rainforest.


Admissions: Everyday 10.00 am – 08.00 pm

Tips & Things to Know Before You Attend: Wheelchair users are always very welcome at Sea Life Istanbul. Please note that in peak season the queue of entry may extend as far as the outside, where the weather can be unpredictable. Therefore, it is best to book your tickets beforehand.


Did you know that Sea Life Istanbul hosts the only private Sea Turtle Rehabilitation Center in Turkey where they bring in injured sea turtles discovered in the wild and nurture them.


Concierge Services

For your utmost convenience, contact concierge whom can assist you in regards to transfer arrangement and admission tickets.


WhatsApp: +90 538 096 86 31

You can dial “0” from your room to connect with our Royal Service Agents.

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