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Lights and Dreams Festival

Get lost in the giant installations, light tunnels, playground, stage performances, infinity tunnel and more…With its new and original content exclusive to Turkey, the festival offers fascinating luminous giant installations, impressive tunnels, interactive themes, playgrounds and entertainment areas, stage performances and many more options.


The festival is based on a fantastic tale. Once enter the woods, visitors will transition to the epic world of the story. In this world, light is the source of life. The Fairies, elves, wolves, lions, flowers, and places are all based on the tale. Visitors will experience an unforgettable story as they accompany the fairies in search of the light necessary to maintain life. The is prepared for families, children, and adults who like to have fun.


Admissions: Everyday throughout August except Mondays 20.30- 23.30

Tips & Things to Know Before You Attend: Please note that you’ll be able to find some snacks and drinks in the festival grounds. But if you are planning to have dinner in the Park prior to the festival, we’d like to remind you that you need to call and reserve a space at Geyikli Restaurant in the park.


Concierge Services

For your utmost convenience, contact concierge whom can assist you in regards to transfer arrangement and admission tickets.


WhatsApp: +90 538 096 86 31

You can dial “0” from your room to connect with our Royal Service Agents.

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